Chapter 12


The origins of this book lay in a Wellcome Trust funded project (awarded to myself and Prof Bob Fisher in Edinburgh Informatics) to develop a content based image retrieval system (CBIR) for skin lesion diagnosis. This project meant we had to collect around 5000 images that had full ethical and regulatory approval for open web use and, along the way, allowed me to spend quite a lot of time looking at how learning takes place in this particular area of medicine. The project has fundamentally altered my academic activity and focus. The quote from Geoff Norman at the beginning of this book reflects some of the relevant issues. Some of our work can be be found by Googling Spotnostic or Dermofit, or by looking at my web site www.reestheskin.me

I am grateful to Ben Aldridge, Lisa Naysmith, Yvonne Bisset and Karen Robertson for many discussions along the way. Updates will be posted via www.reestheskin.me

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